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NIH Record  
Vol. LVIII, No. 9
May 5, 2006
Road Show, Red Dresses Warn Women
Osterholm To Give Inaugural LaMontagne Lecture
Cancer Survivor Excels at Winter Sport
NIDA Director Delivers Spirit Lecture
May 2006 Is Healthy Vision Month
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2005 Royalties Nearly Double from '04
Tech Transfer Helps NIH Breakthroughs Break Through
  One of NIH's top inventions — a stent
coated with a chemotherapy drug —
spares some people heart bypass surgery.
To say that NIH intramural researchers had a banner year in 2005 is an understatement, at least according to one business standard. Last year, the NIH Office of Technology Transfer collected close to $100 million in royalties from products or processes invented by scientists working here. That's nearly double the $56 million-plus NIH inventions earned for 2004. Even better for medical research are the millions more people these new concepts will help by going commercial.

Here the Wild Things Are
Your Back Yard: Close Enough for Zoonoses
What does Flopsy Bunny have in common with a Gambian giant pouched rat?

Both — without even trying — can make you sick as a dog.

Zoonoses (zo-uh-NO-seez) are communicable diseases that move from animals to humans — sometimes directly, and sometimes via an intermediate vector such as the flea.