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Vol. LVIII, No. 16
August 11, 2006

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Name That Spot!
Architectural Details and Natural Nooks

Webster's dictionary cites architecture as the art and science of designing and erecting buildings; a broader definition includes the contouring and adornment of grounds, signage, fencing and lighting. NIH has a wealth of architectural detail and landscaping refinement — and ecological non-refinement, like the forest preservation plot between the Children's Inn and the new fire station. Certain elements make for a pleasing environment, some are purely functional, while others have historical import. As you walk out into the summer sunlight — or rush from bench to bedside — how many of these can you identify?

Enter our two-part contest (in this issue and the next). Tell us where these icons are on campus. Email your answers for both parts of the contest to by Sept. 1. The entrant with the most correct answers wins an NIH Record T-shirt (in the event of a tie, the first correct entry wins). The winner will be announced in the Sept. 22 issue. Good luck!

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