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Vol. LVIII, No. 17
August 25, 2006

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Commissioned Corps Holds Promotion Ceremony

On July 11, 39 Public Health Service Commissioned Corps officers who work at NIH were honored at the fourth annual PHS Commissioned Officer Promotion Ceremony, held in Masur Auditorium.

NIH director Dr. Elias Zerhouni and Surgeon General Richard Carmona gave keynote remarks and officiated along with Rear Admiral Kenneth Moritsugu, family members and coworkers in the placement of promotion boards for each officer. Rear Admiral Richard Wyatt read personal statements describing rewarding aspects of the officers' professions, and Lcdr. Brent Bonfiglio read the "call to orders" for each rank.

NIH director Dr. Elias Zerhouni (l) accepts the Surgeon General’s Medallion from Surgeon General Richard Carmona.  
Wyatt gave Zerhouni a Hurricane Katrina Operations coin in "recognition of his support for NIH Commissioned Corps officers who deployed for relief efforts in Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma." He acknowledged "the increased number of officers being promoted this year," and noted the future challenge of calling more officers to active duty annually to meet or even exceed the number of retiring officers.

Zerhouni noted how important the corps is, especially in response to Hurricane Katrina and how "during transformation of the Commissioned Corps, each agency's mission should be enhanced as a result of that transformation."

Carmona welcomed the opportunity to attend the ceremony to honor the career advancement of the promoted officers and said they "inspire him every day." He awarded Zerhouni the Surgeon General's Medallion for his support of the corps.

Officers honored were:

Nurse Officers: Capt. Reginald Claypool, Capt. Edwina Smith, Cdr. Lisa Barnhart, Cdr.Michelle Braun, Cdr. Chad Koratich, Cdr. Moira McGuire, Lcdr. Robyn Bent, Lcdr. Wanda Chestnut, Lcdr. Martin Hamilton, Lcdr. Michael Krumlauf, Lcdr. Laura Longstaff, Lcdr. Venetta Thompson.

The 39 officers promoted at the July 11 ceremony.  
Medical Officers: Capt. Judith Bader, Capt. Carlo Contoreggi, Capt. Thomas Eggerman, Capt. Sharon Jackson, Capt. Jeffrey Kopp, Capt. Mark Miller, Capt. David Ng, Capt. Calman Prussin, Capt. Pamela Stratton, Capt. John Tisdale, Cdr. Mark Roth, Cdr. Jaye Viner.

Dental Officers: Capt. Michael Arnold, Lcdr. Sheetal Patel.

Health Services Officers: Cdr. Elizabeth Scott, Lcdr. Janet Cliatt, Lcdr. Chauha Pham.

Veterinary Officers: Capt. Brent Morse, Capt. Kathy Perdue-Greenfield, Capt. Joseph Schech.

Pharmacy Officers: Capt. Christine Chamberlain, Capt. William Figg, Capt. Stacey Henning, Cdr. Richard Decederfelt.

Scientist Officers: Capt. Francois Lalonde, Capt. Richard Troiano, Lcdr. John Stansberry.

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