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NIH Record  
Vol. LVIII, No. 22
  November 03, 2006
Catalyst for Change: Mohamad Halawi
Stark To Give Dyer Lecture
NCI’s Niederhuber Formally Sworn In
NIMH Series Examines Innovative Thinking
NIH Observes Native American Heritage Month, Nov. 16
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Gates Money a Boon
Foundation for NIH Marks 10th Year

This year, the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health marks its first decade as a nonprofit corporation called into existence by Congress to support NIH’s mission. With NIH goals as its reference points, the foundation fosters public-private partnerships that serve both sides of the hyphen: NIH, whose funds are appropriated by Congress, identifies where progress could be made with additional funding and FNIH brokers relationships with companies, academia and other philanthropies whose own interests match NIH needs.

“That’s where creativity comes into play,” says Amy McGuire, executive director of FNIH since 2001. “We think of novel ways to involve public-private partnerships and we avoid a formulaic approach to configuring them.”

FNIH currently manages 50 partnerships and is always searching for more. It has raised some $350 million to date and on Oct. 5 announced a major new project—the Biomarker Consortium—that will involve NIH, FDA and PhRMA.

Chicken or Egg?
Forum on Retention Issues Circles Back to Recruitment
  Dr. Samuel Roberts
  Panelist Jorge Zapata says resilience is key to success.

The major lesson from the recent forum on the retention of Latinos/ Hispanics at NIH—held as part of Hispanic Heritage Month—is that workplace happiness and productivity often depend on the same two factors, regardless of race, color or national origin: a great boss and a willingness to heave negativity aside in the quest for a satisfying job.

Not everyone has those circumstances, unfortunately.

Time and again, the four panelists in Lipsett Amphitheater emphasized the same traditional values. Get out and network. Find folks like yourself, with similar interests. Don’t take slammed doors personally, just keep hunting. Find a good mentor. Don’t settle for unsuitable positions.