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Vol. LIX, No. 13
June 29, 2007

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What's Next for the Business of NIH? nVision Reports

On the front page...

Chances are good that you have an NIH colleague who remembers "way back when" NIH used paper ledger accounting to report the business of the agency.  

The essential business of NIH has not changed, but how we report it certainly has, from 3-foot high paper ledgers to the first computer reporting systems and now, nVision.

This brief update will focus on the new reporting capabilities in support of the NIH Business System (NBS) and free training opportunities.


What can we do now with nVision data and reports?

  • Save nVision data in a variety of formats—nVision data can be saved for use with other applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Make data retrieval quick and easy—Collect
    nVision reports that you choose and place them in a separate “favorites” folder.
  • Find the specific report that meets your needs-Use the nVision search feature that finds reports by title, folder name or individual field name.
  • Take advantage of enhanced reporting capabilities- Use links that display detail information within summary reports; modify a report "on the fly" by dragging and dropping additional data columns onto a report, changing the sort order or changing the font size or color. What are the nVision reporting capabilities?
  • Standard Reports-Pre-built reports that are quickly generated and used as designed. . Modifiable Reports-Pre-built template reports that can be modified on the fly by the user.
  • Ad-Hoc Reports-Start-from-scratch reporting; collections of data will be made available to users to create their own reports. To register for access to nVision and enroll in a free training class:
  • Go to the nVision community on the NIH Portal for access instructions and more on reports.
  • Check out CIT Training at Where can we go for additional help? . Send email to with your questions.
  • Keep current with nVision developments, including registration, training and general information by visiting the nVision community on the NIH Portal.
  • As always, you are also welcome to contact the NIH Help Desk:; (301) 496-4357; (866) 319-4357 (toll free); (301) 496-8294 (TTY).

What's next for nVision?

NBS remains the primary source for NIH business information; nVision will continue to provide the capability to perform detailed analysis of NBS data through its reporting capabilities.  

The following three new nVision business areas have been or will soon be deployed to support the NBS roll-outs:

  • Acquisitions & Contracts-Use to track receiving, invoicing and payments; monitor contract closeout and reconcile accounts; analyze acquisition activity by transaction type across an IC; monitor workload; evaluate contract cost in support of budget formulation; improve acquisition cycle time; and ensure receipt information is entered for all deliveries.
  • Supply and Replenishment-Use to improve stock replenishment acquisition cycle time; monitor stock items due for delivery to the warehouse; identify stock items overdue from the vendor; support OFM audits and monitor sales at the Self Service stores.
  • Property-Use to track and monitor undecaled property; research decal numbers; track property trade-in; manage the disposal of assets; and monitor loans and passes. NIH Record Icon

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