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Vol. LIX, No. 25
December 14, 2007

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NIH Celebrates ‘America Recycles Day’ with Call for Volunteers

The Clinical Center south lobby saw green as NIH celebrated “America Recycles Day” on Nov. 15. “We need your help as environmental volunteers,” said Gareth Buckland, recycling coordinator in the Division of Environmental Protection. “If you have a certain recycling need in your workplace, you can be our eyes and ears; if there’s a change in our program, you can help relay it to your coworkers.” He shared these updates:

  • To recycle cell phones and batteries, call Chemical Waste at (301) 496-4710. Place your items in a bag, box or other container and they’ll be picked up at your work station within 24 hours.
  • Plastic cups, yogurt containers and frozen entrée containers can now be commingled and recycled along with plastic drink bottles.
  • Paper collection has changed to accept all paper products including white paper, office stationery, newspapers, magazines, books and all other clean, dry paper.

“We’re making it easier to recycle,” said Buckland. “That’s what consumers want.
” To learn more about the Recycling
Program or to volunteer, contact Buckland at bucklandg@
or (301) 496-7990. Visit the web site at Environmental+ Protection/ Waste+Disposal.

Biker Josh Rose of ORS mugs for the camera with mad scientist Shirley Flottum of OD, who won Scariest Costume. NCI’s Wallace Rumbarger is at rear. Waiting in line for their lunch tickets were (from l) Josh Duberman of NLM and Verma Walker and Brigit Sullivan, both of ORS.

Above, left: Recycling coordinator Gareth Buckland (r) talks to NIDA’s Dr. Augusto Diana about becoming an environmental volunteer.

Above, right: Industrial chemist John Prom (l) shows Medical Arts’ Rayne Ann Wood how recycling cell phones and batteries is now just a snap.

Below: Louise Davis (l) and Joseph Cox (c) of the Employee Transportation Office share the word on the NIH Transhare Program, which offers Metrocheks and SmarTrip cards to over 6,000 employees.

OD offices yielded movie stars (from l) Spiderman (Jonathan Lappin), Marilyn Monroe (Laura Toomey, who won Most Like a Movie Star) and the Hulk (Sean Sommers).
Celeste Gamble (l) of ORS was dressed as Lottery Queen and won Most Creative Costume
Many witches flew in for the occasion, including this not-so-wicked-looking one

Top left: A toxic, persistent pollutant, mercury is found in thermometers, switches and fluorescent lamps.

Right: Environmental scientist Daryl Moore demonstrates the “mercury reader” used in the decommissioning and renovating process.

Bottom left: Danita Broadnax shows you the money—spent on NIH’s Pepco bill.

Photos: Belle Waring

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