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Vol. LX, No. 9
May 2, 2008

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NIEHS Again Rated a Top Workplace for Postdocs

Dr. Diane Klotz
Dr. Stephanie Nick McElhinny

Dr. Diane Klotz

Dr. Stephanie Nick McElhinny

In the latest annual The Scientist magazine ratings of best places to work for postdoctoral fellows, NIEHS again placed among the top government institutions. Survey respondents praised NIEHS for its strengths in the areas of career development opportunities and facilities and infrastructure.

Dr. Diane Klotz, acting director of the NIEHS Office of Fellows Career Development, saw the results as an indication of the institute’s holistic approach to training. “I believe the NIEHS continues to do well because we strive to create a real sense of partnership between our postdoctoral fellows and our administration where the training, education and career development of postdocs is concerned.”

The newly elected chair of the NIEHS Trainees Assembly, postdoctoral fellow Dr. Stephanie Nick McElhinny, was also gratified by the high rating the institute received in regard to career development. “Career development opportunities were strong for only three institutions ranked ahead of NIEHS in the survey,” she observed, “which I see as evidence that NIEHS is clearly ahead of the curve in keeping in touch with the changing needs of postdoctoral fellows.”

NIEHS placed 16th in the ranking, ahead of NIH, which was rated number 29, and the National Cancer Institute, which came in at number 33. NIEHS ranked behind only three other government institutions, which pay their postdocs higher salaries. During a year of flat budgets for NIH ICs, some of the highest ranked institutions increased benefits and compensation for their postdocs.

“While every institution would like to see itself at the number one position,” Klotz reflected, “there is always room for improvement even at the top of the list. This type of survey is more of a friendly reminder of what we do well and where we can make those improvements than anything else.”— NIHRecord Icon

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