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Vol. LX, No. 10
May 16, 2008

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NIDDK Releases New Awareness, Prevention Series

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases has produced a new health information series to raise awareness about diabetes, digestive diseases and kidney and urologic diseases among people not yet diagnosed with these illnesses.

The Awareness and Prevention Series—which NIDDK developed for community health fairs and similar events—features 2-page fact sheets about a wide range of health topics including bladder control, celiac disease, foodborne illness, irritable bowel syndrome, preventing diabetes complications, urinary tract infections and many others. Each fact sheet gives readers a snapshot of an illness, highlighting risk factors, symptoms, prevention tips and where to go for more information. All fact sheets are written in English on one side and Spanish on the other.

“The series is designed to encourage readers to ask ‘Could this be me or someone I care for?’” said Kathy Kranzfelder, director of the NIDDK Information Clearinghouses. “Until now, our materials have focused on answering questions among those with diagnosed illnesses. But we have so much to do to bring people in for diagnosis as well. Raising awareness of these illnesses hopefully will help people learn to prevent them or see a doctor if they have symptoms.”

The copyright-free Awareness and Prevention Series publications are available online at Fact sheets and booklets with more complete information about these topics and many other related health conditions also are available at NIHRecord Icon

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