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Vol. LX, No. 15
July 25, 2008

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Small Business Office Holds Monthly Outreach

The HHS Office of Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization director, Debbie Ridgely, has an office in the NIH Office of Acquisition and Logistics Management. The office collaborates with NIH contracting chief Diane Frasier to promote implementation of small business regulations and the achievement of small business goals.

The office holds monthly vendor outreach sessions at HHS headquarters, weekly vendor counseling sessions and training and monitoring of program and contracting officials to promote the small business program.

In an effort to support acquisition planning, they developed and manage an electronic market research database titled E-Portals in Commerce (e-PIC),, which maintains capability statements for small and large businesses.

When forecasting your program requirements, the OSDBU suggests considering Vantus Technology Corp., currently developing a system for design, virtual validation and production of orthopedic implants for soldiers and aging veterans. Vantus has secured partnerships with academic and commercial collaborators and hopes to transfer its leadership in advanced manufacturing applications of medical devices to NIH’s advancement of translational research as it relates to telemedicine, osteosarcoma/osteoarthritis, pediatrics and gerontology.

While the NIH small business goal is 27 percent for FY 2008, the OSDBU welcomes all requests for assistance from program and contracting personnel to increase partnership with industry through use of small and disadvantaged businesses. For more information call (301) 496-9639 or send email to NIHRecord Icon

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