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Vol. LX, No. 15
July 25, 2008

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The phone numbers for more information about the studies below are 1-866-444-2214 (TTY 1-866-411-1010) unless otherwise noted.

Dry Mouth

Do you have dry mouth after treatment for head and neck cancer? Participate in an NIH clinical research study.

Asthma Study

NIH is seeking adults 18-75 years old with asthma to participate in a research study. Compensation is provided.

Are You a Working Breast Cancer Survivor?

Women breast cancer survivors, 1 to 10 years after primary cancer treatment, whose breast cancer has not spread and women without cancer history are needed for online study on cognitive function and work. Must be currently working full-time, ages 18 through 65, and without a history of adult ADHD (prior to cancer), dementia, brain injury, epilepsy, drug or alcohol abuse. You will need Internet access with connection speed faster than dial-up. Study includes completing questionnaires and a short online test of memory. The study will take about 60-75 minutes to complete. To see if you are eligible, go to For more information, call Lisseth Calvio at (301) 295-9660 or email

Fraternal Twins Needed for Study of Brain Development

Same-sex fraternal twins ages 5-25 are needed for an NIMH study of typical brain development. Participants must be in good overall physical and mental health. Study participation includes several hours of cognitive testing and a structural MRI scan. Monetary compensation is provided. If interested, contact Catherine Weddle at or (301) 435-4515.

Heart Disease Risk Factors Study Recruits

Healthy black African volunteers are needed for a study investigating the relationship of obesity to heart disease risk factors. Volunteers must be born in Africa, non-diabetic and between ages 18-49. There will be 3 outpatient visits to NIH. Compensation is provided. Call (301) 402-7119 for information. Refer to protocol 99-DK-0002.

Study of Pre-Menopausal African-American, Caucasian Women

Healthy African-American and Caucasian women volunteers are needed for a study investigating the effect of the American diet on vascular disease risk. The study will look at the effect of fat in the blood before and after a meal. Volunteers must be non-diabetic, pre-menopausal women between the ages of 18-49 years. The study requires 3 outpatient visits followed by a week of daily visits to NIH for breakfast, weight measurement and meal pick-up. Compensation is provided. For information call (301) 402-7119 and refer to protocol 07-DK-0163.

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