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Vol. LXI, No. 7
April 3, 2009

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Author McKee Featured at DDM Seminar

The Deputy Director for Management (DDM) announces the third DDM seminar of the 2008-2009 series “Management and Science: Partnering for Excellence.” The event on Thursday, Apr. 16, from 11 a.m. to noon in Masur Auditorium, Bldg. 10, will feature Annie McKee, co-author of the New York Times bestselling book Resonant Leadership and co-founder of the global consulting firm Teleos Leadership Institute. Videocasting and sign language will be provided. Individuals who need reasonable accommodation to attend should call (301) 496-6211 or the Federal Relay Service at 1-800-877-8339. For more information about the series, visit or call (301) 496-3271.

NIH Marks ‘NanoWeek’ Apr. 7-10

Nanotechnology shows promise in fields ranging from disease prevention and diagnosis to novel methods of therapy. In addition, nanotechnology provides tools for improved understanding of molecular and cellular behaviors. To learn what’s going on in the field, attend NanoWeek Apr. 7-10. NanoWeek will consist of several events including review presentations from program directors and extramural investigators on Apr. 7 in Natcher Auditorium, starting at 8:30 a.m.; research presentations and laboratory demonstrations from intramural investigators; and a 2-day joint NIH/IEEE workshop on nanomedicine. For more information contact Dr. Karen Peterson, (301) 451-0707.

Parenting Seminars Offered in April

April is National Month of the Young Child. NIH is marking the occasion with free, informative discussions of parenting issues. The two sessions below are from noon to 1 p.m. and are located in Bldg. 31, Rm. 6C10.

Apr. 8, Childhood Anxiety Disorders—This seminar will review the common signs and symptoms of anxiety in youth as well as provide parents with practical strategies for how to deal with anxiety in children and adolescents. Presenter is Dr. Erin Martin, clinical psychologist, NIMH.

Apr. 15, Cyber Safety—The Internet can be a useful tool to increase knowledge and inspire creativity and exploration in young children, but it also has its dangers. This seminar will help parents teach their children the critical thinking and decision-making skills they need to detect dangerous and/or unlawful online behavior. Presenter is George Simms, assistant state’s attorney for Montgomery County.

The seminars will be broadcast and archived at Individuals who need sign language interpreters or other reasonable accommodation to participate should contact Tonya Lee at (301) 402-8180.

FAES Sponsors Free Community Shred Day

We all know that we have to shred excess or outdated patient information to protect confidentiality, but sometimes it’s hard to get around to shredding our personal documents for our own protection. On Wednesday, Apr. 2222, from 4 to 7 p.m., FAES, in collaboration with Torn2Shredz, will sponsor a Free Community Shred Day. Watch on a closed-circuit TV while your old bank and credit card statements are destroyed and then sent for recycling. Protect your identity while you protect Mother Earth. Limit of two boxes of documents per customer. Event is at the FAES Social & Academic Center, 9101 Old Georgetown Rd., across the street from NIH on the corner of West Cedar Ln. and Old Georgetown Rd.

CORE Week Draws Healthy Crowds

In February, NIH held a health and wellness promotion event called Conditioning and Relaxation Week (CORE Week). Highlighting various forms of physical activity, the week provided an opportunity to try new kinds of activity, learn how to reduce stress and create a positive mindset. Some 1,400 people attended the activities, which included Pilates, running, dancing and various types of yoga (seen above). NIH employees accounted for about 60 percent of attendees and members of the public represented the rest. There were several speakers during the week from NIMH, NCI and NCCAM. Employees should mark their calendars for NIH Mind-Body Week, coming Sept. 8-11. The event will explore the science and practice of yoga, meditation and stress management modalities.

Council of Public Representatives Meets, Apr. 17

The 21st meeting of the NIH Director’s Council of Public Representatives will be held on Friday, Apr. 17 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Bldg. 31, Conf. Rm. 6. The meeting is open to the public. To view the meeting agenda, visit

Lecture on Pandemic Influenza, Apr. 16
Dr. Kanta Subbarao
Dr. Kanta Subbarao

The NIH women scientist advisors committee and Office of Research on Women’s Health announce the sixth seminar in the Anita B. Roberts lecture series, which highlights outstanding research achievements of women scientists in the Intramural Research Program. Dr. Kanta Subbarao will give a seminar titled “The Pandemic Threat of Avian Influenza Viruses,” on Thursday, Apr. 16 at 1 p.m. in Lipsett Amphitheater, Bldg. 10.

Subbarao is a senior investigator in the respiratory viruses section of the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, NIAID. Her research focuses on the development of vaccines against pandemic influenza viruses. Projects in her lab aim to identify potential pandemic influenza strains, generate and evaluate candidate vaccines and better understand protective antibody responses against highly pathogenic influenza viruses.

The lecture is open to the public. Sign language interpreters will be provided upon request. Individuals who need reasonable accommodation to participate should contact Deirdre Andrews at (301) 496-3891 and/or the Federal Relay, 1-800-877-8339, 5 days before the lecture.

NEI 40th Anniversary Symposia Series

To commemorate its 40th anniversary, NEI is organizing five symposia on genetics and genomics, neuroscience, glaucoma and novel therapeutic paradigms.

The first symposium, on Genetics and Genomics in Vision, is planned for Apr. 16-17. It will examine recent exploits in genetics and genomics and their impact on vision research by bringing together geneticists, biologists and clinicians. It begins Thursday, Apr. 16 in Lister Hill Auditorium, Bldg. 38A, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. The symposium continues Friday, Apr. 17 in Lipsett Amphitheater, Bldg. 10, at 8:30 a.m.

Upcoming symposia include: Optical Coherence Tomography, June 1-2; Neuroscience< and Vision, Nov. 20; Focus on Glaucoma, Feb. 19, 2010; and Novel Therapeutic Paradigms and Blindness, May 21, 2010.

NEI’s goal is to cement existing interactions and establish new collaborative initiatives with colleagues in other NIH institutes, and in the wider extramural community, to elucidate the genetic and biological basis of eye diseases and their treatment. For a complete program listing, visit anniversary/symposia/.

Wednesday Afternoon Lectures

The Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series—held on its namesake day at 3 p.m. in Masur Auditorium, Bldg. 10—features Dr. Ananth Karumanchi, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Apr. 8, speaking on “Pathogenesis of

On Apr. 15, Dr. Lois Smith will address, “Understanding Angiogenesis through Retinopathy.” She is an associate professor of ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School and a physician at Children’s Hospital Boston.

For more information or for reasonable accommodation, call Sarah Freeman, (301) 594-6747 or email

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