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NIH Record  
Vol. LXI, No. 9
  May 1, 2009
Workshops Outline Future of Women’s Health Research
Join HBO, NIA for Sneak Preview of ‘The Alzheimer’s Project’
Live from Providence Hospital, It’s NIH!
Clark Catalogs Birds of NIH
Solowey Awardee Davidson To Lecture, May 14
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Resources for Employees
Help, Health and Wellness in a Time of Recession

Morale is what keeps us believing in ourselves and our goals, especially in tough times. In a global economic downturn and a nation in recession, how are NIH’ers doing?

“We see employees living in counties with cutbacks in services,” says NIH Recreation and Welfare Association President Randy Schools. “They’re worried about the long-term effects that deficits have on federal retirement. They have a family member who’s lost a job or a brother and a sister who’ve been furloughed. All these, we’re hearing stories about.”

Courtesy, a Cornerstone of Confidence
Etiquette Can Build, Keep Successful Relationships
  The revamped Biennial Report of the Director, National Institutes of Health is available in print, via flash drive and online at An earlier CD version was distributed to Congress last year.
  Anna Post

So you’re at a gathering that includes several coworkers, your boss and a few VIPs the boss wants to impress. Across the room you notice one of the VIPs sneezing into his hand. The next thing you know, your boss—oblivious of the gesundheit moment—leads Dr. Sneezy over to meet you. You know what’s next. You’re expected to shake hands, greet the doc, give a good first impression of yourself and your organization. But, hello? Dr. Sneezy has not washed that hand. Which do you risk, career or cold?

Enter Anna Post, author of several etiquette guides and great-great granddaughter of that great guru of social graces, Emily Post. Not only can Anna Post help you get past the ick factor in the scenario above, but also she can give you tips for navigating other uh, sticky job-jeopardizing situations that arise. At the invitation of NIH’s Office of Intramural Training and Education, she shared advice for “Building Successful Relationships” in Lipsett Amphitheater on Mar. 25.