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NIH Record  
Vol. LXII, No. 8
  April 16, 2010
CTSA Industry Forum Tackles Challenges Of Collaboration
Defeating Neglected Diseases Is Focus of LaMontagne Lecture
NLM’s ‘Turning The Pages’ Lets Users Explore Egyptian Medical Papyrus
3rd Annual NIH ‘Take a Hike Day,’ May 20
CSR Makes It Easier to Tune in to Reviews
ORS Urges Familiarity with Evacuation Plans, Drills
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Next Up: Rewriting the Annals of Science
Fee, Pinn Tout Women’s History in Medicine, at NIH
  Dr. Elizabeth Fee
  Dr. Elizabeth Fee

Dr. Elizabeth Fee’s mom begged her to go to cooking school, but learning to cook and clean was the furthest thing from the teenage Fee’s mind. By contrast Dr. Vivian Pinn says she still takes pride in the Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year Award she won in high school. Although two starkly different paths led them to careers at NIH, both Fee and Pinn agree the nation could use more help “Writing Women into the History of Science.” That was the refrain for NIH’s Mar. 17 observance of Women’s History Month.

Adapting the month’s national theme, “Writing Women Back into History,” the 2010 NIH celebration was sponsored by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management. The event refocused attention on the successful National Library of Medicine exhibit “Changing the Face of Medicine,” which debuted at NIH in October 2003 and is now touring the country. Created by the NLM History of Medicine Division that Fee directs, the exhibit salutes the achievements and inspirational stories of notable American women physicians throughout history.

Burn Calories Without Exercise
Why Getting Up from Your Chair Is NEAT
  Dr. James Levine
  Dr. James Levine

Everyone knows that sitting in your office chair and staring at your computer screen for hours at a time isn’t all that good for you, but many of us do it anyway.

With so many people in office jobs that tether them to technology, it is little wonder that the U.S. has seen such an explosion in obesity rates. Unless you already have a daily regimen that includes time for working out, you may feel there’s no way to get the exercise you need to burn those extra calories.