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Vol. LXII, No. 22
October 29, 2010

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Have a question about some aspect of working at NIH? You can post anonymous queries at (click on the Feedback icon) and we’ll try to provide answers.

Feedback: I use the Center Dr. entrance to come into NIH each morning. On several occasions, when I have an appointment, I arrive at NIH around 10:15 a.m. At this time, only one lane is open at the entrance and the other lane is blocked by either a police vehicle and/or cones. I have seen traffic backed up at the entrance onto Old Georgetown Rd. Some vehicles trying to avoid being on Old Georgetown go into the right (closed) lane and then jockey for a space in the left lane. Given that there is an officer in the booth during this time of day (when there are still many cars entering NIH), why can’t both lanes remain open until either later in the morning or at all times that the entrance is open? This looks like an accident waiting to happen. I would suggest that both lanes at all entrances be open at all times for improved safety and enhanced flow of traffic.

Response from the Office of Research Services: Initially, one lane of traffic was closed due to mandatory budget cuts. As part of the cuts, the staff was reduced at Center Dr. and Old Georgetown Rd. from two guards at the gate to one guard or police officer.

Since it is very difficult for police officers or security guards to provide quick and thorough security observations for two lanes of traffic, especially when additional passengers are in a vehicle, the NIH Police close one lane of traffic during non-rush hour periods when only one guard or officer is present. However, police officers and security guards are instructed to open a second lane of traffic to relieve congestion when they notice a backup at an entrance.

Feedback: The NIH shuttle [web] site used to have a very convenient function where one could enter from: and to: and it would pop up with the shuttle route/s one could take. Will this return?

Response from ORS: The service on the NIH Shuttle site that allowed employees to choose a destination (to/from) with a beginning and ending timeframe was removed due to technical difficulties. The Office of Research Services, Division of Amenities and Transportation Services is working with IT staff to repair the program and hopes to have the service restored for employees to use in the near future.

Feedback: I would like to know if NIH has a sign in/out policy? I work for DEAS and they have a tendency to create their own policy, such as some employees are required to sign in/out while others are not, even if you do not work AWS or comp time.

Response from the Office of Human Resources: As a general policy, NIH does not require employees to sign in and out. However, the manual issuance regarding sign in/sign out states that there are some exceptions to this. Regarding employees who earn and use credit hours and/or overtime, ICs may establish internal reporting mechanisms, including signing in and out, to record the exact hours worked for the purpose of paying overtime or compensatory time and the earning and use of credit hours. If employees are not working overtime or earning/using credit hours, they normally do not sign in or out (unless they are working at varying locations or are on special leave procedures).

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