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Vol. LXIII, No. 12
June 10, 2011

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Rain Can’t Daunt Police Awareness Day Picnic

When you call the police, you never get the response, “We’ll come as soon as it stops raining.” Similarly, the 17th annual Police Awareness Day barbecue on the lawn of Bldg. 1 was unbothered by steady rain on May 18.

Sure, the U.S. Park Police horses remained in their trailers, and no trained dogs cavorted on the lawn of Bldg. 1. Nor did the nifty red all-terrain emergency vehicle get unhitched from its trailer. But four grills were lit and churning out a steady volume of chicken breasts, Italian sausages, burgers, baked beans and hot dogs, which were served under canopies erected on the Bldg. 1 front parking lot.

The staffers were damp but cheery as a smaller than usual crowd lined up for their smoked lunches. Most patrons elected to have their meals bagged up for consumption elsewhere, but the food was just as tasty indoors as out.

On hand for the 17th annual Police Awareness Day picnic are (kneeling, from l) Corp. Brian Sims and Corp. Wallace Carter. In middle row are (from l) Ofcr. Greg Hill, Lisa Campbell, Maj. Patricia Haynes, Carmen Kaplan, Karen Heflin, Regina Gray, Lt. Udon Cheek, Corp. John Coe. At rear are (from l) Corp. Derek Jeter, Lt. Lawrence Brown, Chief Alvin Hinton, Sgt. Bob Drummond, Ivelisse Rodriguez, Kevin Lippold, Maj. Bill Alford, Ofcr. Matt Catherwood, MPO Duane Moe and MPO Jeff Youmans.
A little rain can’t dampen the picnic. Shown are (from l) Rodriguez, Kaplan, Gray, Sims and Carter. Manning grills at the picnic are (from l) Drummond, Lt. Marco Kittrell and Brown.

Taking cover on a drizzly day under the awning of the NIH Fire Department’s hazardous material response unit are (from l) Fire Technician Simon Thomas; Ulysses Mitrakas of the fleet management section, OLAO; Master Firefighter Chuck Weaver; Master Firefighter Brian Wagner; Fire Technician Delonte Stephens; Fire Technician Jason White and Capt. Joe D’Ambrosio.

Photos: Michael Spencer, A.P. White

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