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Vol. LXIII, No. 18
September 2, 2011

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Japanese Ambassador Tours NCI Branch


Dr. Thomas A. LaVeis

Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki (above, r) recently toured the NCI Urologic Oncology Branch. He was briefed on the work of Japanese scientists conducting research in the UOB. In the top photo, Dr. Masaya Baba discusses his work on a novel kidney cancer gene mouse model and the potential use of this model in the development of novel approaches to therapy for patients affected with kidney cancer.

Dr. Thomas A. LaVeis Dr. Thomas A. LaVeis
With UOB chief Dr. W. Marston Linehan (r), Fujisaki views microscopic slides of kidney cancer caused by a gene whose pathway is being unraveled by UOB scientists from Japan. Dr. Yukiko Hasumi reviews her work on the FLCN kidney cancer gene pathway with Fujisaki.

Dr. Thomas A. LaVeis

Meeting with Fujisaki are (from l) Dr. Len Neckers, Dr. Soichiro Yoshida, Dr. Hisashi Hasumi, Dr. Naoto Miyajima, Dr. Shinji Tsutsumi, Hasumi, Baba and Linehan.

Photos: Ernie Branson

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