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Vol. LXIII, No. 25
December 9, 2011

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NCI Workbook on Communicating to Lay Audiences

Making Data Talk: A Workbook is the National Cancer Institute’s newly released publication that helps public health practitioners, scientists, health educators, clinicians, researchers, students and statisticians understand the critical roles data play in communication.

The workbook, based on the book Making Data Talk: Communicating Public Health Data to the Public, Policy Makers, and the Press written by Drs. David Nelson, Bradford Hesse and Robert Croyle, provides key information, practical suggestions and examples on how to effectively communicate health-related scientific data.

The workbook offers recommendations about selecting and presenting data and introduces the OPT-IN (Organize, Plan, Test, Integrate) framework, which guides public health practitioners on how to present health data to lay audiences. Many chapters also include practice exercises that use real-world examples to reinforce and apply key concepts.

The workbook is available as a print or electronic version. Visit to order a copy or download the workbook.

NCRR’s Cooper Honored by Academy of Nursing

CFC Annual Halloween Party Draws Crowd

Dr. Leslie C. Cooper, NCRR extramural program official, senior nurse advisor and a captain in the Commissioned Corps, was inducted recently as a 2011 fellow in the American Academy of Nursing. She was one of 142 national and international nurse leaders selected during the academy’s 38th annual meeting and conference in Washington, D.C.

“The fellowship represents the nation’s top nurse researchers, policymakers, scholars, executives, educators and practitioners,” said academy president Dr. Catherine Gilliss, in a statement announcing the awards.

Cooper, an applied epidemiologist with an undergraduate degree in nursing, is an active-duty member of the Public Health Service. She has served for more than 28 years as a scientist at NIH, in 6 ICs: NCRR, NCI, NIDA, NHLBI, NINR and NICHD.

At NCRR, she manages research programs that help enhance competitiveness of biomedical investigators in underrepresented states and institutions. In addition, she provides guidance to scientists, clinicians, students and emerging professionals as they prepare to improve public health outcomes in this country and others. Her main areas of expertise involve tobacco, cancer prevention and other chronic diseases in minority and medically underserved populations and engaging the community to become partners in research.

Cooper’s activities to reduce and eventually eliminate health disparities span NIH, other HHS agencies, federal partners, state and local entities and the community at large.

PHS Team Competes in Army 10-Miler PHS Team Competes in Army 10-Miler

Deer Forage at Dusk Near Bldg. 31

On the north side of Bldg. 31, facing Cedar Ln., is a natural habitat (formerly a parking lot) that now plays host to a number of deer. On Nov. 15 at dusk, this robust male (left) ambled across Zelkova Ln. into the backyard of a residence formerly reserved for use by whomever is NIH director. He was monitoring the munching of three young’uns (one of which can be seen at right) that were feeding on the hillside just above him. Deer are a common sight for employees in Bldg. 31, who have witnessed the remarkable adaptation of deer coloration in sync with the seasons.

Photos: Rich McManus

NIH Gives Record Number of Flu Shots, Vaccine Still Remains

NIH administered a record number of flu shots to employees and contractors as part of its annual “Foil the Flu” campaign. To date, NIH has provided 12,683 doses of the vaccine.

Of those receiving the vaccination, 99 percent waited in line less than 10 minutes. Several hundred doses of flu vaccine still remain for any employee or contractor with a valid NIH-issued ID.

No appointment is necessary. The walk-in clinics are held on Monday afternoons from 1 to 3:30 and Wednesday mornings from 7:30 to 11 in the Bldg. 10 Occupational Medical Service, Rm. 6C306 while supplies last.

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