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Vol. LXIV, No. 16
August 3, 2012

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Upcoming Changes at Campus Intersections, Sidewalks

Changes are about to appear at several intersections and roadways on campus. These include removal of unnecessary crosswalks, increased lighting and signage, additional railings and intersection modifications. The improvements are intended to guide pedestrians to fewer, more visible crosswalks, making it easier for drivers to see both pedestrians and other drivers prior to advancing through an intersection.

Starting in August and finishing in September, the following intersections and roadways will see safety and traffic improvements—South Dr. and Center Dr., South Dr. and Service Rd. West, and Center Dr. in front of Bldgs. 1, 2 and 3.

  • At South Dr. and Center Dr.—Pedestrian access to the island with the large anchor will be removed. Railings will be added along the sidewalks at key points to deter jaywalking and crossing intersections where no crosswalk exists.
  • At South Dr. and Service Rd. West, the intersection between Bldg. 13 and the south side of Bldg. 10—The island will be removed altogether. The right-turn-only lane will be removed and crosswalks on the north and east side will be removed. Pedestrians using sidewalks along South Dr. to access the Clinical Center or points west should use the sidewalk located on the south side of South Dr. as the sidewalk along the north side of South Dr. in front of Bldg. 9 will be removed.
  • At Center Dr. in front of Bldgs. 1, 2 and 3, unnecessary crosswalks will be removed and additional lighting will be installed.

These locations were selected based on their history of past accidents, high pedestrian traffic, overall congestion and a need for enhanced visibility. A long-term study is under way analyzing the entire campus and should be completed this fall. The study will look at additional physical changes to solve traffic flow situations while also improving pedestrian safety.

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