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Vol. LXIV, No. 17
August 17, 2012

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Have a question about some aspect of working at NIH? You can post anonymous queries at (click on the Feedback icon) and we’ll try to provide answers.

Feedback: The online menu for the 2nd floor cafeteria in Bldg. 10 is frequently incorrect and/or incomplete. Is there a way to correct this? Another place I have worked had an automated call-in line that listed the menu—would this be an option?

Response from the Office of Research Services: The Division of Amenities and Transportation Services currently receives menu listings from the various cafeterias and vendors every Friday or Saturday and posts to on Monday morning, as early as possible.

From this point forward, we will request that all cafeteria operators submit their menus on Thursday, to ensure information is available every Monday morning. In reality, menus are subject to change based on weekly availability and quality of ingredients. Due to the multiple cafeteria sites on and off campus, we have not explored a call-in option, but will discuss it with vendors and evaluate the possibility. Thank you for the suggestion.

Feedback: When will the James A. Shannon Building lettering be put back onto Bldg. 1’s front?

Response from the Office of Research Facilities: The red James A. Shannon Building lettering was removed because it was deteriorating the limestone on the east side of Bldg. 1. In lieu of the lettering, we installed a brass plaque near the main entrance commemorating Dr. Shannon. The plaque is opposite a plaque describing President Roosevelt’s dedication of the NIH Bethesda campus on Oct. 31, 1940. These two plaques seem more professional in appearance than the previous lettering and no damage is being done to the limestone, so our present plan is to leave the lettering off of the building.

Feedback: I often see cars parked in the metered spots in front of Bldg. 31 all day, with an expired meter all day. Rarely do I ever see parking tickets on these cars. Are some people allowed to park in these metered spots all day without paying? The signs indicate that this is not allowed, but I never see any police enforcement of the rules.

Response from ORS: Persons with disabilities who have been issued a handicap permit or placard are allowed to park in metered spaces without paying. Those permits must be properly displayed. The NIH Police routinely monitor the area and will continue to take appropriate action when violations are observed. If you suspect a vehicle is parked illegally, please report it to the NIH Police at their non-emergency line, (301) 496-5685.

Feedback: When will the scaffolding be removed from Bldg. 1?

Response from ORF: The Office of Research Facilities anticipates the scaffolding will be removed in fall 2012. The scaffolding has been retained to accomplish a number of facility repairs for Bldg. 1. Initially it was installed to replace the roof. Since there is a relatively significant cost to install scaffolding and installation and breakdown can be noisy to building occupants, the decision was made to retain it and accomplish several other needed repairs including replacing an aging copper gutter system, repairing dormers at the roof line and repairs to the façade including building trim and windows.

The decision to keep the scaffolding up during the duration of these repairs was fiscally prudent, saving tens of thousands of dollars and reducing the number of drilled holes in the exterior of the building each time a new scaffold is erected.

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