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Vol. LXV, No. 10
May 10, 2013

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Johnson To Give Mendelson Lecture, May 21

Dr. Bankole Johnson

Dr. Bankole Johnson will deliver the 2013 Jack Mendelson Honorary Lecture on Tuesday, May 21 at 1:30 p.m. in Lipsett Amphitheater, Bldg. 10. The title of his talk is “Personalizing the Treatment of Alcoholism.”

Johnson is a pioneer in the development of medications to treat alcohol dependence. His research has transformed our understanding of how functional and structural abnormalities at the molecular level in the brain can promote addiction.

Johnson discovered that ondansetron, a serotonin antagonist often used to curb nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, is particularly effective at helping early-onset alcoholics reduce their drinking. In another study, he determined that the anti-seizure drug topiramate can also help treat alcohol addiction.

A native of Nigeria, Johnson pursued his medical degree at the University of Glasgow in Scotland and trained in psychiatry at the Royal London, Maudsley and Bethlem Royal Hospitals in England. In 2004, he was named the Alumni professor and chairman of the department of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences at the University of Virginia, where he is also a professor in the department of neuroscience and the department of medicine.

NIAAA established the lecture series as a tribute to Dr. Jack Mendelson, who made remarkable contributions to the field of clinical alcohol research. Each spring, the series features a lecture by an outstanding alcohol investigator whose lifetime of clinical research has substantially advanced our understanding of alcohol susceptibility, alcohol’s effects on the brain and other organs and the prevention and treatment of alcohol use disorders.

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