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Vol. LXV, No. 13
June 21, 2013

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Graduate & Professional School Fair, July 17

The NIH Graduate and Professional School Fair will be held on Wednesday, July 17 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Natcher Conference Center. The fair provides an opportunity for NIH summer interns (especially those in college) and postbacs, as well as other college students in the D.C. area, to prepare for the next step in their careers by exploring educational programs leading to the Ph.D., M.D., D.D.S., M.D./Ph.D., and other graduate and professional degrees. More than 100 colleges and universities from across the U.S. will be sending representatives in hopes of recruiting NIH trainees.

The day will also include workshops on getting into graduate and professional school, M.D./Ph.D. programs, interviewing and careers in public health, psychology and dentistry. Exhibits will be open from 10 a.m. to 1:45 pm.

A list of participating institutions and registration information can be found at

Bike Helmet Hosts Bird Nest in Campus Garage

Bike Helmet Hosts Bird Nest in Campus Garage
Graduate & Professional School Fair, July 17
A robin laid eggs in a bike helmet at MLP-7. At right is a photo of the nest on May 28; the image at left is from May 20. By the end of May, the eggs had hatched.

Home is where the—helmet is? An opportunistic robin recently built a nest in a bike helmet in the Lister Hill Center garage, MLP-7.

“Hopefully, the nest can remain undisturbed for another 3-4 weeks for the chicks to fledge,” noted ORS landscape architect Lynn Mueller, who forwarded these photos last month to the NIH Record.

“While I was on vacation last week, a colleague [Teresa Przytycka] noted this nest on the B1-level of the 38A garage,” said Kimberly Tryka, staff scientist at NLM/NCBI. “The bike is on the north side of the garage. Her photo [from May 20] shows two eggs. Mine [from May 28] has three eggs. I didn’t see a bird.”

Followup on May 31: “The eggs in the bike helmet have hatched,” reported Mary Herron, also of NLM. “Everyone on the elevator was talking about it.”

NIH Ski Club Honors Bingaman

Photo of Bob Bingaman, Randy Schools and Richard Banvard

In mid-May, the NIH R&W Ski Club presented Bob Bingaman (l) with an award, on his 70th birthday, in recognition of his 30 years of leading the club and providing members with a lifetime of memories in exotic locations all over the world. Bingaman, an NIH retiree, has coordinated trips to at least 56 ski areas in 14 countries including such world-renowned places as Chamonix (France) and St. Moritz (Austria) and the lesser known Tatranska Lomnica (Slovakia). The trips were perfect for skiers and non-skiers alike as time for tours was planned in London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Beijing, Budapest and Sydney, to name a few, and at sites such as Normandy, the Eiffel Tower and the Coliseum. Bingaman has been an integral part of R&W’s programs over the years. Also on hand for the award were R&W President Randy Schools (c) and NLM retiree Richard Banvard. For more information about the Ski Club and how to join, call (301) 496-6061 or email

Volkow Joins Former President on Drug Abuse Panel

Photo of President Bill Clinton, Dr. Nora Volkow, Ray Kelly and Dr. John Sexton

NIDA director Dr. Nora Volkow (second from l) recently joined former President Bill Clinton (l), New York dignitaries and college students from New York University for a panel discussion on prescription drug abuse, particularly among 18-26 year olds, and how the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Matters Initiative can work with others to contribute to solutions in New York and nationwide. Featured speakers included Clinton, NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (third from l), NYU president Dr. John Sexton (r) as well as Volkow. The event, held at Vanderbilt Hall, New York University School of Law in New York, was moderated by Melinda Beck, columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

Photo: NYU Photo Bureau/Hollenshead

Clinical Center Rounds Marks Hospital’s 60th Year

NIH Clinical Center - 60 Year of Discovering Tomorrows Cures

In July 1953, NIH welcomed its first patient to the Clinical Center: 475,000 patients and many milestones later, the work goes on. All are welcome to join in celebrating 60 years of discovering tomorrow’s cures at a special edition of Clinical Center Grand Rounds/Contemporary Clinical Medicine: Great Teachers on Wednesday, July 10 from noon to 1:30 p.m. in Masur Auditorium, Bldg. 10.

Speakers and their topics are:

Research Milestones: 60 Years of Clinical Research—Dr. John Gallin, director, Clinical Center

The Human Mammary Tumor Virus—Dr. James F. Holland, distinguished professor of neoplastic diseases, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York

Location, Location, Location: The Mycobacterial Susceptibility Story—Dr. Steven M. Holland, chief, Laboratory of Clinical Infectious Diseases, NIAID, and deputy director for intramural clinical research, NIH.

NIAMS Forum Explores Future Directions of Anabolic Therapies

Participants included NIAMS director Dr. Stephen Katz (front, fourth from l), deputy director Dr. Robert Carter (back, second from r) and staff members Drs. Glen Nuckolls (front, l), Faye Chen (front, fourth from r), Joan McGowan (front, r), Gayle Lester (back, fifth from l), Jonelle Drugan (back, c) and Bill Sharrock (back, r)

NIH grantees and others with musculoskeletal disease interests recently met with NIAMS leadership and staff to discuss basic and translational research needs and opportunities related to bone-, cartilage- and muscle-building therapies. Part of the institute’s scientific planning process, the full-day roundtable addressed topics including cell signaling molecules and pathways that could be targets for treatments that would increase bone, cartilage or muscle production; the extent to which multiple tissues share these processes and potential off-target effects of candidate therapies; and gaps in knowledge about musculoskeletal biology that are limiting the development of anabolic approaches to repair and rebuild musculoskeletal tissues. Participants included NIAMS director Dr. Stephen Katz (front, fourth from l), deputy director Dr. Robert Carter (back, second from r) and staff members Drs. Glen Nuckolls (front, l), Faye Chen (front, fourth from r), Joan McGowan (front, r), Gayle Lester (back, fifth from l), Jonelle Drugan (back, c) and Bill Sharrock (back, r).

Systems Biology Centers Mark 10th Year

NIGMS will host a meeting on July 11-12 focused on the activities and accomplishments of its National Centers for Systems Biology. The event, which is free and open to all, will take place in Kirschstein Auditorium, Natcher Conference Center. The agenda includes a panel discussion on the future of systems biology, presentations from each center and talks by young scientists whose careers have been affected by the program. Find more information and register at

Dr. Patricia Grady

NINR Holds Emergency Preparedness Training

National Institute of Nursing Research staff recently participated in an institute-wide continuity of operations (COOP) emergency preparedness training session. Conducted by the NIH Division of Emergency Preparedness and Coordination in collaboration with the NINR COOP workgroup, it offered critical information and tools for emergency preparedness, response and recovery. “Although over the years NINR has provided emergency preparedness training, unusual weather events have recently reminded us that we need to ensure that all NINR employees are safe and prepared to continue operations when an emergency occurs,” said NINR director Dr. Patricia Grady (shown, r).

Photo: Ernie Branson

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