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Vol. LXV, No. 13
June 21, 2013

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Have a question about some aspect of working at NIH? You can post anonymous queries at (click on the Feedback icon) and we’ll try to provide answers.

Feedback: As times become fiscally challenging for the NIH and hard-hitting budget cuts are made to programs, services, contractors and grants, the practice of paying the NIH Police officers 10 percent retention pay, half an hour of overtime every day, take-home vehicles and free laundry service is fiscally irresponsible. These benefits, which no other NIH employee receives (nor get raises) have cost taxpayers millions of dollars over the years. The NIH police guard force has an average age in the 50s and has never had physical standards. Most young officers leaving the force…go to more professional agencies in spite of the outlandish perks offered to them here by the NIH. Has the NIH looked at bringing in a professional law enforcement agency like the Federal Protective Service [which] provides law enforcement services to most federal agencies? The NIH police guard force have several hard-working officers [who] are a credit to the NIH but the rest of the NIH population has worked equally hard and deserves the same perks and benefits.

Response from the Office of Research Services: The NIH police force operates to provide a safe and secure environment for the staff, patients and visitors to the NIH main campus in Bethesda and Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Montana. The officers are augmented by a contract security guard force. The NIH Police are a professional, federal police force and certain benefits are negotiated specifically with their bargaining unit.

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