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Vol. LXV, No. 22
October 25, 2013

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High Schoolers Learn About STEM Careers

High schoolers learn about NIH science.

High schoolers learn about NIH science.

Nine Magruder High School students recently completed a “Summer Career Exploration Experience” pilot program where they learned about NIH research, scientific tools and careers in science and medicine. The goal of the program was to expose underrepresented minority students from a local high school to biomedical research and inspire them to pursue careers in science.

The 4-week program included students shadowing post-baccalaureate mentors in various laboratories, interactive sessions with veterinary technicians, learning about the range of career options available to nurses and learning about rehabilitation medicine.

The Office of Human Resources’ Corporate Services Division and the scientific and medical recruitment forum developed the program to foster high school students’ interest in STEM disciplines. The pilot kicked off in January 2013 with students from Magruder meeting NIH scientists and post-baccalaureate science interns. The program is part of a larger effort to recruit and retain underrepresented minorities by encouraging students to pursue careers in science in alignment with NIH diversity task force recommendations.

For more information on bringing one of these students into your laboratory, contact Dr. Mario Cerritelli at (301) 496-9978 or Dr. Clement Asiedu at (301) 827-9148.

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