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Vol. LXV, No. 25
December 6, 2013

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NIH-Gallaudet Partnership Wraps Up Busy Fall Season
NIH scientist panel (seated) visits with Gallaudet University students.
NIH scientist panel (seated) visits with Gallaudet University students.

NIH’s Office of Human Resources Client Services Division (corporate recruitment unit) has established a partnership with Gallaudet University students to support OHR’s goal to recruit a highly skilled diverse workforce for NIH. These students, under the supervision of Dr. Kathleen Arnos (chair, department of science, technology and mathematics) have strong academic backgrounds and interest in the sciences.

The partnership was initiated at last spring’s Gallaudet Career Fair. The university’s science department staff and NIH recruiters took the opportunity to showcase NIH career options to high-caliber science students. Throughout the summer, corporate recruitment staff worked with Arnos to craft a three-pronged approach wherein Gallaudet students would “Discover the NIH.” The strategy included visits from NIH staff to Gallaudet’s campus, visits from Gallaudet students to NIH’s campus and a student-focused resume-writing workshop.

The first sessions, conducted in September, employed an NIH scientist information panel with Dr. Ravi Dhar (NCI), Deborah Mosbrook-Davis (NHGRI), Virginia Crocker (NINDS) and Larry Pearce (NCI). Panelists shared personal experiences about how they became scientists and the pathways that led them to work at NIH. Dhar said, “I had a great experience meeting with the students at the university…It was an eye-opener for me. [The corporate recruitment team is] also doing a good job helping the students identify jobs and potential internships in academia that might be of interest to them.”

Next, Gallaudet came to NIH on Nov. 1 to participate in tours of the Clinical Center (led by Kaitaia Fu and Hatfield Tours) and NCI’s Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics, during which attendees heard from principal investigator Dr. Peter Blumberg, chief, molecular mechanisms of tumor promotion section; Pearce, a biological lab technician (and Gallaudet University graduate); and Tim Esch, post-baccalaureate researcher.

Finally, the corporate recruitment unit conducted a resume-writing workshop for STEM majors at Gallaudet on Nov. 5. The group learned how to develop a federal resume for NIH’s Pathways Internship Program, Biomedical Summer Research Internships and permanent positions.

These events have been designed to create awareness throughout the NIH community of the talented science candidates available at Gallaudet and to increase the pipeline of underrepresented students who apply for internships. The NIH-Gallaudet partnership is part of a larger effort to encourage individuals with disabilities to pursue biomedical science or business professions, leading those people eventually to “discover a career at NIH.”

For more information on recruiting Gallaudet students, contact Mitzi Kosciulek at (301) 402-4429 or Sheila Monroe at (301) 496-6504.

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