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NIH Record  
Vol. LXVI, No. 20
  September 26, 2014
Schadt To Give Mahoney
Lecture, Oct. 1
Microbiologist Blaser To Give NIAID Kinyoun Lecture
Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Launches New Web Site
Grady Addresses LSU Commencement
McClain To Give Keller Lecture, Oct. 14
Annual Training Institute Targets STEM, Personal Health
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‘Sweep’ Under Way for Select Agents, Toxins

Prompted by the Food and Drug Administration’s July 1 discovery of vials of smallpox virus in Bldg. 29A, NIH has embarked on Operation Clean Sweep, a two-part, top-to-bottom inventory of all NIH laboratories that starts first with all institutes and centers, followed by an audit conducted by specialists in occupational safety and health.

After discovery of 12 boxes containing 327 vials of infectious agents such as smallpox, dengue, influenza, Q fever and rickettsia, NIH director Dr. Francis Collins informed employees, “We have developed a plan of action for the conduct of this search. It requires investigators to examine all freezers, refrigerators, cold rooms, storage shelves and cabinets, as well as all other areas of storage such as offices associated with laboratories.”

The IC portion of the sweep has two parts, said Jeff Potts, NIH biorisk manager in the Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS). “In phase 1, research staff at all NIH facilities are responsible for going through their areas to search for unregistered select agents [such as Ebola, anthrax and H5N1 bird flu]. They must also inventory all human pathogenic material that is handled at BSL [biosafety level] 2 or higher, human blood and body fluids and any toxins.” This is scheduled to be done by Sept. 30.


A Healthier You
NIH’ers Get a Workout, Useful Advice During Safety, Health and Wellness Day

Exercise was a theme for the Aug. 27 event.
Exercise was a theme for the Aug. 27 event.
Life’s a series of choices. We can choose to adopt healthier habits and protect ourselves from common hazards. Along the way, it never hurts to learn some tips that might steer us on a healthier, safer path.

Improving employee health and safety both on and off the job was at the heart of the 3rd annual Safety, Health and Wellness Day held Aug. 27 in Natcher Bldg. NIH staff enjoyed a range of activities organized by the institutes and centers and dozens of outside vendors and even learned a few things.