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Vol. LXVI, No. 22
October 24, 2014

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Have a question about some aspect of working at NIH? You can post anonymous queries at (click on the Feedback icon) and we’ll try to provide answers.

Feedback: I have frequently noticed cars parked in front of Bldg. 31 for the entire day in the short-term metered parking spots (some of which are supposed to be for NIH Credit Union customers). The meters are typically expired. Is anybody monitoring these meters? If you have a handicap placard in your car are you allowed to park in these spots for the entire day?

Response from the Office of Research Services: The NIH Police operate traffic units on campus, enforcing such violations as expired meters. Since the police can’t catch every violation, if you witness a vehicle illegally parked, contact our non-emergency line at (301) 496-5685 and include the location, make and model of the vehicle in question. A police officer will be dispatched as soon as possible.

In regards to vehicles with handicap placards, any person properly displaying a valid state-issued handicap hangtag or license plate or an NIH-issued handicap placard is allowed to park in a metered visitor parking space free of charge for the entire day. This policy is covered in NIH Policy Manual Issuance 1410: Parking Policy under Section F. Procedures, 4. c. Disabled Employees.

Feedback: What’s going on with the new child care center? In the Apr. 25, 2014 NIH Record there was an article talking about the groundbreaking and construction for the new center with it opening in the summer of 2015. It’s now September and I drive by the construction site every workday and I have yet to see any construction. So the question is: Is there or is there not going to be a new child care center? At this rate, my children will outgrow the need for child care before more child care spaces are created. Not exactly supporting a “family-friendly” workplace.

Response from the Office of Research Facilities: Yes. There will be a new Northwest Child Care Center built on the Bethesda campus. The Office of Research Facilities experienced a delay in the final stages of the design process due to unexpected developments related to the contract. All divisions within ORF are working collaboratively to assist in the design completion and move the project forward. While the design process nears completion, the project is concurrently awaiting approval from the Maryland Department of the Environment to break ground. The ORF project team is working closely with the contractor and will be releasing the new date for the project completion in the near future.

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