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October 23, 2015

Become a Healthy Volunteer

An NIH research study is enrolling healthy persons ages 18 to 65 who are free of psychiatric disorders and certain medical conditions. Researchers will evaluate the effects of the experimental medication ketamine on brain receptors in healthy and depressed adults. Study includes 1 to 6 weeks of outpatient procedures: a screening visit, computer tasks, rating scales, neuropsychological testing, two intravenous infusions, a blood draw, brain scans (MEG & fMRI) and may include optional 2-4 overnight stays for a sleep study. The study is conducted at the Clinical Center. There is no cost to participate and compensation is provided. To find out if you qualify, email moodresearch@mail. or call 1-877-MIND-NIH (1-877-646-3644), TTY 1-866-411-1010. Refer to study 04-M-0222.

Asthma Study Is Recruiting

Do you have asthma? NHLBI is seeking volunteers with asthma for a study. Two outpatient visits and one inpatient stay at the Clinical Center are required. Compensation may be provided. For more information, contact the Office of Patient Recruitment, 1-866-444-2214 (TTY 1-866-411- 1010). Refer to study 99-H-0076.

NICHD Seeks Healthy Kids

NICHD seeks healthy children 8 to 17 years old to join a research study of growth and health behaviors. Compensation will be provided. Parents/ guardians must give permission for children to participate. For more information, call 1-866- 444-2214 (TTY 1-866-411-1010) and refer to study 15-CH-0096.

Malaria Vaccine Study Seeks Adults

NIAID seeks healthy 18-50 year olds for an investigational malaria vaccine study. You will have outpatient study visits to the Clinical Center. Compensation may be provided. For more information, contact the Office of Patient Recruitment, 1-866-444-2214 (TTY 1-866-411-1010). Refer to study 15-I-0169.

Study Seeks Healthy Older Adults

Healthy older adults ages 55-75 are invited to participate in an outpatient research study investigating the benefits of omega-3 oil and blackcurrant supplements on vascular health. The goal of the study is to determine whether the supplements improve blood flow and blood vessel function that can affect your heart. Eligible participants must be medication-free and in good general health. The study will be carried out in an outpatient clinic and includes 4 visits over 6 months. Compensation is provided. For more information, call 1-800-411-1222 (TTY 1-866-411- 1010) and refer to study 14-NR-0034.

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