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September 9, 2016

Animal Research Tribute, Sept. 16

An Animal Research Program Tribute & Dedication Ceremony is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 16 at 9:30 a.m. on the south side of Bldg. 10.

The animal research advisory committee and the IC animal program directors decided to commemorate the exceptional efforts and contributions made by the research animals and animal care and use community to the mission of NIH and the many health advances that have been supported.

The commemoration will be a bronze plaque affixed to a granite boulder to be placed on the south side of the Clinical Center. The boulder will be located in a quiet, reflective garden under a large tree with two benches along with discrete landscaping elements. The plaque will read:

“With recognition and gratitude to the research animals and the NIH animal care and use community that have contributed to exceptional biomedical research advances. Presented by the Animal Research Advisory Committee.”

All are welcome to the dedication ceremony, which is being held in conjunction with the 2016 NIH Research Festival.

Car Free Day, Sept. 22

Mark your calendar to go “car free” or car “lite” on Thursday, Sept. 22. Car Free Day is a worldwide event that encourages greener methods of travel by mass transit, bicycling and walking to work. Carpooling and telework also count.

The Division of Amenities and Transportation Services challenges you to find alternative commuting options and pledge to go car free on Sept. 22. Talk to your coworkers about starting a carpool or vanpool. Try Metro. The Metro SafeTrack project will affect just a small area on the Orange Line in Virginia between Vienna and West Falls Church during September. The rest of the Metrorail system will be running at 100 percent with new and improved track work. This is a perfect time to explore your commuting options.

For more commuter information and options, visit For any questions or concerns, email or call (301) 496-5050.

Protocol Navigation Lecture Set

The IRP Protocol Navigation Training Program Seminar Series returns on Monday, Sept. 19 from 11 a.m. to noon in Lipsett Amphitheater, Bldg. 10. The program provides training for intramural staff and contractors involved in protocol development, writing, coordination and management. Heather Bridge and Peg Sanders from the NIH Office of Human Subjects Research Protections will present “AAHRPP Re-Accreditation and New Updates to the NIH HRPP SOPs.” For details contact Marcia Vital, (301) 451-9437,

Annual NIH Research Festival Scheduled, Sept. 14–16

Ellen Goodman
This scene from Research Festival 2015 will be re-created Sept. 14-16, when the 30th showcase of the NIH intramural program takes place.

The 2016 NIH Research Festival: A Celebration of Intramural Science will be held Sept. 14–16 in and around the Clinical Center. Now in its 30th year, the annual showcase of NIH intramural research includes loads of talks, poster presentations and activities—both real and of the virtual type.

This year, NIH director Dr. Francis Collins will be a scientific speaker, presenting his work on diabetes during the opening plenary “Super enhancers in cell identity and disease” on Wednesday, Sept. 14. Come hear Collins speak about his own breakthrough research. Plenary sessions begin each day at 10 a.m. These also include “New insights through clinical imaging” on Sept. 15 and “Cell-based immune therapies” on Sept. 16.

Festival afternoons hold concurrent symposia, poster sessions and exhibits. Symposia are intended to draw a broad audience and include topics such as bench-to-bedside “home runs,” microbiota, inflammation and chronic disease, precision medicine, computational biology and the long-term effects of early developmental exposure.

Poster sessions cover the diversity of NIH research and include the ever-popular IC director and scientific director poster presentations and cooking contest.

The NIH Library will host virtual reality and other technology demonstrations. Ever feel like you’ve been grabbing at nothing your entire life? Well, why not don a pair of virtual reality goggles so you can grab at nothing yet really feel like you are accomplishing something.

Also new this year to the festival, the National Library of Medicine will host morning tours of its collections. Come see rare, centuries-old medical books, a Nobel Prize medal and more.

Festival staples are back, too: the R&W “Taste of Bethesda” lunch, the vendor tent show, the NIH Green Labs Fair and exhibits on intramural resources.

Also featured for a second year is the NIH Future Research Leaders Conference sponsored by the chief officer for scientific workforce diversity. The conference provides early stage investigators from the extramural community and from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to learn about the intramural research program and meet NIH PIs and scientific leadership.

Find the full festival agenda at, easily navigable on mobile devices.

Register for the 33rd NIH Institute Relay

The 33rd NIH Institute Challenge Relay will be held on Thursday, Sept. 22 in front of Bldg. 1, beginning at 11:30 a.m. The relay consists of teams of five runners, each whom runs a half-mile loop around Bldg. 1. All institutes, centers, divisions and contractors are invited to enter as many teams as they wish. Each team must have men and women runners with at least two runners of the same sex.

To register, visit The fee is $15 per team. Each group leader is asked to provide the name and contact information for one volunteer; there need to be 26 volunteers for each of two heats. Be sure to visit food vendors and event exhibitors as well. To volunteer or for more information, call the R&W office at (301) 496-6061.

NINR Launches Grantsmanship Videos

Drs. Ronald Hickman and Joan Austin appear in a new NINR video on grantsmanship.
Drs. Ronald Hickman and Joan Austin appear in a new NINR video on grantsmanship.

NINR has released a new series of videos titled “Building and Sustaining a Scholarly Career.” The videos provide an overview of opportunities and dilemmas often encountered by midcareer scientists as they work to develop a sponsored project into a program of research (POR). Senior and midcareer scientists and NINR program officers discuss significant guideposts, useful strategies and lessons learned.

The videos delve into establishing and sustaining a successful POR, delineating useful strategies to develop a career trajectory and maintain a POR in a demanding academic environment and identifying approaches to challenges that deter POR success.

As part of the commemoration of NINR’s 30th anniversary year, senior nurse scientists and NINR staff held a series of workshops for midcareer scientists at each of the regional Nursing Research Society annual conferences. The “Building and Sustaining a Scholarly Career” videos distill the main points of these sessions and are available at

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