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NIH Record - 75th Anniversary - National Institutes of Health
Developing fin shown

April 8, 2016

  • Zika Virus Re-Emerges as More Serious Global Threat

    With apologies to Ben Franklin: Nothing is certain in this world, except death and taxes…and outbreaks. “This is a perpetual challenge that we have to be prepared for because it will come again. It may not come again in this degree of magnitude for who knows how long, but you can be absolutely sure it will come again,” said NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci.
  • Edwards Celebrates MLK Legacy, Diversity at NIH

    Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards (D-MD) is too young to have marched in the Civil Rights Movement more than a half century ago, but she says she’s at the perfect age to acknowledge and appreciate the benefits gained in that era.
  • NIH’s Unconventional Journey Toward Integrative Health

    What’s in a name? At the center of a decades-long debate, alternative medicine has been embroiled at the nexus of science, medicine and politics. The term alternative medicine itself is a loaded one, with passionate advocates and skeptics each fueling the feud.
  • Clegg Discusses Stem Cell Therapies for Eye Disease

    Dr. Dennis Clegg recently visited NIH and gave a summary of his efforts with the California Project to Cure Blindness to develop a stem cell-based therapy for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a major cause of blindness in the U.S.
Developing zebrafish fin

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Developing zebrafish fin


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