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NIH director Dr. Francis Collins (l), flanked by ACD member Dr. Jose Florez of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, told the group that he thought last December’s ACD meeting might have been his last.

CRISPR Becoming Crisper, More Ubiquitous, Says Zhang

What plastics were to a young Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate and what computers were to a young Wozniak and Jobs in their garage-era tinkering is now occupied by CRISPR technology, suggested Dr. Feng Zhang of MIT in the final Wednesday Afternoon Lecture...Read more

Dr. Fiona Marshall

Pediatrician Discusses Ethics of Parents’ Online Posts

Many parents are quick to post photos of their kids on social media or blog about their child’s health...Read more

Dr. David Valle

Cancer-Causing Viruses Yield Clues to New Treatments

There are at least 7 viruses that are known to cause cancer. Of those, Dr. Patrick Moore and his colleague and wife Dr. Yuan Chang..Read more



A scanning electron microscope picture of a nerve ending broken open to reveal vesicles (orange and blue) containing chemicals to pass messages in the nervous system.
ON THE COVER: In honor of NIH’s 130th anniversary.
Scan of postcard showing U.S. Marine Hospital in Stapleton (Staten Island), N.Y., where the National Institutes of Health originated in August 1887.


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Interim Plan Announced for Government-Wide Wage and Salary Freeze

Secretary Elliot L. Richardson on August 24 announced an interim plan to implement the Governmentwide Wage and Salary Freeze ac­ tion.

The steps will remain in effect until Departmental plans are fully developed. They include prohibitions against:

1. New hiring of employees above the GS-5 level except where firm commitments were made on or before Aug. 24. Positions involved in direct patient care are exempted from this provision.

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In honor of NIH’s 130th anniversary.