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Image of drug AZT

January 13, 2017

  • Dr. Collins presides at ACD meeting.

    ACD Applauds Collins, Meets New Clinical Center CEO

    Presiding over what might have been his final meeting as chair of the advisory committee to the NIH director, Dr. Francis Collins received an impromptu standing ovation that left him visibly moved.
  • Dr. Farmer speaks at podium.

    Physician Gives Hope, Healing To World’s Poor

    Dr. Paul Farmer has spent decades providing medical care and expanding health access to the world’s poor, shattering the myth that it’s untenable to treat the sick in settings of privation. Treating underserved populations is not a pipe dream, Farmer said, when you have “the staff, stuff, space and systems” to make it a reality.
  • Jeff Olivet

    Olivet Aims to Speed Compassionate, Effective Intervention

    There is a canard in health care about a 17-year gap between science and service, and between research and clinical practice. Jeff Olivet, CEO of the Center for Social Innovation (C4) in Needham, Mass., is determined to narrow that gap through the creative and compassionate application of new learning and teaching methods.
  • Dr. Glass speaks with Peace Corps director.

    Peace Corps Director Discusses Volunteer Opportunities

    If you think you’re too old to experience the Peace Corps, think again. During a recent visit to NIH, agency director Carrie Hessler-Radelet described opportunities for people of all ages, noting that the oldest current volunteer is 87.
Image of drug AZT

On the Cover

Photomicrographs of the drug AZT at magnifications of 30x and 50x

Photo: Larry Ostby, NCI

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