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Progress Made on Water Tanks on Campus

Construction of circular concrete wall nearly complete

TESS (thermal energy storage system)

Photo: Bill Branson

Large circular tank

IWSS, or industrial water storage system

Photo: Bill Branson

Excavated hole with various construction vehicles and materials scattered around it

Construction site of IWSS, or industrial water storage system

Photo: Bill Branson

Anyone familiar with the parade of dump trucks on campus in the past year already knows that much progress has been made on two huge new water tanks on the south side of campus, which comprise the Assure/Expand Chilled Water Capacity project.

The TESS, or thermal energy storage system, will hold 8 million gallons of chilled water and stand 100 feet high; it will help reduce peak power demand on campus.

The IWSS, or industrial water storage system, will hold 5 million gallons of water. Like the TESS, it is 120 feet in diameter, but only 65 feet high. It will allow NIH to meet the need for water for a few days if a supply interruption occurs.

Dirt taken from the massive excavation was used to fill in the site of demolished Bldg. 7, on the east side of Bldg. 10, according to the Office of Research Services.

Both tanks are due for completion by this fall.

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