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NIBIB’s Pettigrew Honored at Ceremony in India

A smiling Pettigrew holds yearbook and bouquet of flowers, flanked by Kakodkar, and Tyagi
NIBIB director Dr. Roderic Pettigrew (l) with Dr. Anil Kakodkar (c), NASI president; and Dr. Akhilesh Tyagi, NASI past president.

Photo:  Credit Michael Cheetham

The fellows of the National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) acknowledged NIBIB director Dr. Roderic Pettigrew as a foreign fellow at a ceremony on Feb. 10 at the National Institute of Plant Genome Research in New Delhi.

The occasion was part of Pettigrew’s visit with health care officials in India to explore technology development that may help underserved populations in India and in the United States gain greater access to health care.

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