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23rd Police Awareness Day Features Demos, Displays

Young children approach officers on horseback.

Horses meet kids at 23rd Police Day.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Hinton and NIH daycare folks smile for camera.

NIH Police Chief Al Hinton greets visitors from the NIH daycare.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Sims wears gas mask as Bartz adjusts it, with several kids looking on.

MPO Brian Sims (l) and Sgt. Herman Bartz, both of NIH, fascinate little ones by showing how police specialty equipment is worn.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Behind a table, Sims and Matney display some tactical gear.

MPO Brian Sims (l) and Cpl. Ken Matney of the Rockville Police Department display some of the other tactical gear and devices they use.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Pesseh helps a child jumping to reach a high marker.

Cpl. Kweku Pesseh of NIH shows a tiny recruit the Vertical Challenger. “It measures vertical jump and reach,” he explains. “The kids were doing the same test current Special Response Team officers have taken.”

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Fedorisko and youngster seated side by side on the sidewalk, performing exercises.

Cpl. Christine Fedorisko of NIH puts a youngster through his paces at the Police Awareness Day event.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Meiklejohn leans across a table to chat with a young child.

Deputy Sheriff C. Meiklejohn of Montgomery County engages youngsters at Police Awareness Day event.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Four officers smile for camera.

Law enforcement officers from several local, state and federal jurisdictions joined in NIH’s event. Shown are (from l) Maryland State Trooper J. Quase, Matney, Officer Dana Stroman of Montgomery County PD and Cpl. Ronald Malcom of NIH PD.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

With his hand around a police dog, Bauer talks to several youngsters.

Officer K. Bauer of the Metro Transit Police gives the ever-popular K-9 demonstration.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Young children approach officers on horseback.

Officers on horseback greet visitors of all ages on the lawn in front of Bldg. 1.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

A horse with officer riding is petted by a youngster and adult.

An officer on horseback is approached by a youngster and adult, who pet the horse.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

The NIH Police hosted the 23rd annual Police Awareness Day on May 17 in front of Bldg. 1. Various local, state and federal law enforcement agencies attended the event, which included K-9 demonstrations, officers on horses, a cookout and various other activities.

The day was a big hit with special guest attendees from Parents of Preschoolers, Inc. Youngsters engaged with officers, took part in mock training exercises and met police horses and dogs. 

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