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A waterfall flows from a small creek, surrounded by boulders, trees on the NIH campus

September 22, 2017

  • Melissa Martin

    Citizen Scientists Are Advancing NIH’s Mission

    Engaging the public directly in the scientific research process, also known as “citizen science,” can yield better data and new insights. That was the take-home message at the “Engaging Citizen Scientists to Advance Biomedical Research” symposium held in Bldg. 45 recently.
  • Schiller, Lowy stand in front of National Cancer Institute sign.

    Two NCI Scientists Win 2017 Lasker Award

    Beginning their partnership as bench researchers in the 1980s, Dr. Doug Lowy and Dr. John T. Schiller have worked together at the National Cancer Institute for more than 30 years. The pair have received one of the most prestigious scientific achievement awards in the world—a Lasker.
  • Goodarzi stands with cupped hands at podium in front of purple, yellow presentation slide.

    Goodarzi Uses Math, RNA Biology to Counter Metastasis

    When a person dies of cancer, it’s usually not the primary tumor that causes death. It’s the metastases...Dr. Hani Goodarzi, an assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco, is using his expertise as both a computational and an RNA biologist to investigate ways of thwarting metastases.
A waterfall flows from a small creek, surrounded by boulders, trees on the NIH campus

On the Cover

On the cover: View of a waterfall in the creek bed in front of Bldg. 1

Photo: Belle Waring, circa 2008

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