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Two ticks next to a dime

November 3, 2017

  • Task Force Aims to Identify Best Weight-Loss Strategies

    It’s not just how much, but also what and even when we eat that might affect our health and well-being, according to NIDDK deputy director Dr. Gregory Germino. “Questions remain as to what types of diets work best for weight loss and weight maintenance,” he explained during welcoming remarks.
  • Experts Weigh In on World Health Issues

    The problems are not new. Some of the same culprits continue to threaten health around the world, from poverty to pollution. Some issues, such as maternal health and HIV/AIDS, are benefiting from increased global attention. But such infectious diseases as drug-resistant tuberculosis present new challenges.
  • NSF Director Describes Potential of Biotech Innovations

    Today, NSF-funded scientists continue to work across disciplines and partner with other federal agencies, including NIH, and the private sector to design new technologies, with exciting prospects for biomedical research, said NSF director Dr. France Anne-Dominic Córdova.
  • Nobel Laureate MacKinnon Opens New WALS Season

    Full of arms, loops and ribbons that can tighten into a cage or open in welcome, ion channels govern each beat of the heart, in addition to being indispensable in myriad ways to all life forms as they channel sodium, potassium and calcium ions across cell membranes so that muscles can twitch, blood can flow and neurons can carry messages.
Two ticks next to a dime

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Ixodes Scapularis tick, adult and nymphal forms, used by NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories to study transmission of flaviviruses.


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