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Image of cell karytype

December 15, 2017

  • Lab Develops Coding Toys for Young Kids

    ​Becoming literate in today’s world may require learning another kind of language—that of computer programming. Discussing this topic was Dr. Marina Bers, professor at Tufts University and co-founder and chief scientist of KinderLab Robotics.
  • Chemist Sorensen Urges More American Indians to Pursue Science

    Dr. Erik Sorensen of Princeton thinks more young American Indians should pursue careers in science. He spoke at an event observing National Native American Heritage Month.
  • E Wing Renovation To Benefit Multiple Institutes

    The E wing of Bldg. 10 will become the new home for more than 1,500 research and administrative staff, including 11 institutes and other organizations, state-of-the-art utilities and equipment for specialized research, a new Blood Bank for the Clinical Center and new teaching laboratories for the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences.
  • NIH Cancer Patient Receives Humanitarian Award

    When Andrew Lee, at the age of 19, learned he had an incurable rare cancer, he chose to fight it and has since participated in multiple NIH-led clinical trials. Yet he was determined to do even more. So, when his father bought him his dream car, he turned it into a fundraising vehicle.
Image of cell karytype

On the Cover

Conceptual image of a cell karyotype exhibiting trisomy—three copies of one chromosome.

Darryl Leja, NHGRI

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