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NIAID Workshop Fosters Independent Researchers

NIAID workshop participants
NIAID workshop participants

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases recently hosted its inaugural fellowship workshop in Rockville. The workshop was designed to help scientists find a path to becoming independent researchers. 

Participants were all currently awarded National Ruth L. Kirschstein Service Award (NRSA) recipients, including pre-doctoral fellows (F31s), dual degree fellows (F30s) and post-doctoral fellows (F32s). 

Awardees gathered for the 2-day event to hear presentations focused on the theme of “Resources for Successful Transition into Research Independence.” Speakers from the institute, other parts of NIH and outside organizations covered a wide range of topics to give participants a well-rounded view of what is needed to prepare for the next funding phases of their career. Additionally, the workshop featured breakout groups and panel discussions as well as networking and poster sessions to engage the fellows, hear their concerns and give them a chance to present their work.

The workshop covered a lot of ground, including Roads to Research Independence, Strategies for Successful Grant Applications: Scientific Review Officer Perspective and NIAID Career Development (K) Awards. 

NIH awards NRSA individual fellowship grants to provide research experience to students and scientists at various stages of their careers. Fellowships require full-time effort, 12 person months a year. For questions about NIAID-related fellowships, contact Diane Adger-Johnson ( and visit

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