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NEI 5K a Success

Sieving at podium wearing plastic eyes attached to his hat

NEI director Dr. Paul Sieving, wearing an extra set of eyes atop his “Vision Team Coach” cap, kicks off the event.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Race winners cross the finish line

Dylan Hirsch (l), an NIAID post-baccalaureate fellow, and Ani Ufot, an NCI postbac, tied for first place in the 5K run.

Photo: Dustin Hays

NEI staff dressed in minion and cow costumes goofing off under the tent

“Dr. Sieving’s Minion” and a bovine attendee amuse others under the tent.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

NEI staff are all smiles out on the lawn

The Eyes Have It? NEI staff are all smiles as they cheer on the 5K participants.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

NEI staff stretch together on the lawn before the race.

Race warm-up routines get underway.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

NEI deputy director points to, rallies crowd

NEI deputy director Dr. Santa Tumminia exhorts crowd as NEI communicator Dustin Hays looks on.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

Ladies dressed in pink holding up camera to take a selfie.

Ladies in pink set up a selfie.

Photo: Chia-Chi Charlie Chang

The National Eye Institute hosted a 5K run/walk on Oct. 24 as part of a year-long celebration of its 50th anniversary. An estimated 300 NIH’ers and guests braved the chilly weather to pound the 3.25-mile course around the perimeter of the NIH campus.

Beyond the 5K itself, the day featured exhibits, food and fun. Visitors outside Bldg. 1 had a chance to try out NEI’s new virtual reality experience, an educational tool that simulates what the world looks like to people with age-related macular degeneration or cataracts. There were also free vision screenings offered by the Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington.

Also on hand were representatives from the NIH Blood Bank and members of the physical therapy team from the Clinical Center’s department of rehabilitation medicine. Lunch was available via food trucks.

Lilly Sadler, NEI management analyst, and Amishi Shah, NEI senior health communications specialist, coordinated the event with help from Chris Gaines, ORS Division of Amenities and Transportation Services.

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