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Eliminating Stigma Through Art

NIDA's eliminating stigma team poses for a group photo.

Photo: Thomas Wynn

NIDA’s eliminating stigma team recently opened the first installment of their art project. The art, on loan from Art10Baltimore artists, will grace the walls of the Biomedical Research Center in Baltimore until mid-January. Project co-leader Carla Harrison said, “One of the simplest and yet most profound ways of addressing the stigma commonly associated with mental illness and substance use disorders is to have an aesthetically pleasing environment that honors the work of our participants, visitors and employees.” Acting scientific director Dr. Amy Newman added, “I love the idea of intermingling science with art—we can inspire each other. Indeed, we all strive, in our own ways, to give hope to those who suffer from addiction. There is beauty in the world worth living to see.” Shown above are (from l) Dr. Michelle Jobes, Dr. Karran Philips, Claudia Cameron, Myrna Poirier, Jackie Mintz, Shelley Amsel, Harrison, Lauren Brick, Lois Schuster, Janette Lebron, Toni Berger, Newman and Dr. Stephen Heishman.

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