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NIDA Helps Out at Baltimore Science Fair

Baltimore Science Fair Judges from NIDA
Baltimore Science Fair judges included (from l) Miguel Arenivar, Adrianna Hayden, Maria Ortiz, Francisco Battiti, Kathy Lightfoot, Dr. Hanbing Lu and Dr. Michelle Jobes.

Members of NIDA’s diversity and outreach committee represented the institute recently at the Baltimore Science Fair at Towson University. 

More than 100 middle and high school students participated in the fair, presenting their work to judges from FDA, NIH, the U.S. military, the National Security Agency and Johns Hopkins University, among other organizations. NIDA staff awarded prizes to nine young scientists.

Serving as judges were: Miguel Arenivar, Scientific Director’s Fellowship for Diversity in Research (SDFDR) fellow and postbac in the Yeka Aponte lab; Francisco Battiti, SDFDR fellow, postbac in the Amy Newman lab; Dr. Brenton Laing, postdoc in the Aponte lab; Kathy Lightfoot; Dr. Hanbing Lu; Adrianna Hayden, postbac in the Aponte lab; Adam Moreno-Mendelson, SDFDR fellow, postbac in the David Epstein lab; Maria Ortiz, SDFDR fellow, postbac in the Antonello Bonci lab; Leslie Premo; and Dr. Michelle Jobes. 

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