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Patients with Fanconi Anemia Needed

NHLBI researchers need volunteers at least 4 years old with Fanconi anemia to participate in a study investigating a treatment to improve blood counts. Compensation for travel is provided. Study-related tests are provided at no cost and results are shared with you and your doctor. Call the Office of Patient Recruitment, 1-866-444-2214 (TTY 1-866-411-1010). Read more at Refer to study 17-H-0121. Se habla Español. 

NIDDK Study for Healthy Male Volunteers

Researchers need healthy male volunteers, 18-35 years old with BMI 18.5-25, to help them learn how current FDA-approved anti-obesity/weight loss drugs affect metabolism. The findings may help treat obesity in the future. Compensation is provided. Become our partner in research: 1-800-411-1222, Refer to study 13-DK-0200, cohort 2. Read more at

Menopause & Mood Study 

A 7-week outpatient study is accepting post-menopausal women ages 45 to 65 who struggled with irritability, anxiety, sadness or depression during perimenopause and had symptoms that improved with the use of hormones. There is no cost to participate. Compensation is provided. To learn more about the study call (301) 496-9576 (TTY 1-866-411-1010) or visit Refer to study 18-M-0144.

Kidney Cancer Patients Needed

NHLBI researchers, in partnership with Loyola University Chicago, seek individuals with kidney cancer for a new treatment study using gene therapy. Gene therapy is a process of modifying patients’ immune system to create tumor-fighting cells to recognize and kill their cancer. Study-related procedures, tests and medications are provided at no cost. For more information, call the Office of Patient Recruitment, 1-866-444-2214 (TTY 1-866-411-1010). Self-referrals are welcome. Read more at Refer to study 18-H-0012. 

NIDDK Study for Healthy Men

Healthy Caucasian men, ages 55-75 with BMI 18.5-25, are needed for a metabolism research study at the Clinical Center. Participation requires an 11-day inpatient stay. Compensation is provided. Call the Office of Patient Recruitment at 1-800-411-1222. Refer to study 12-DK-0097, cohort 5. Read more at

NIAAA Needs Healthy Volunteers

NIAAA invites healthy volunteers, 21-60 years of age, to participate in a study researching if a gene and smoking affect drinking. Volunteers should be healthy, drug-free and not seeking treatment for alcohol-related problems. Research participation includes 3 outpatient visits that consist of alcohol consumption, brain scans (MRI), blood draws and filling out questionnaires. Compensation may be provided. For more information, call the Office of Patient Recruitment at 1-866-444-2214 (TTY users call via MD Relay 7-1-1) or visit Refer to study 17-AA-0171.

Healthy Volunteers Needed

NIAID researchers seek healthy volunteers, 18-50 years old, for the study of an investigational product targeting malaria. Financial compensation is provided. To learn how to participate, call 1-866-833-5433 or email

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