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Unsung Heroes Include Our Pets

A sleeping dog in a dog bed

Charley says stay home, rest and play with your toys! He belongs to Doreen Bartlett, senior assurance officer in the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare.

A wait sits on concrete

A cat, who belongs to NLM's Dan-Sung Cho, waits for lunch break.

A cat sits between two monitors

Tony Maoci watches the NLM virtual town hall meeting, says Kathel Dunn, NLM

A dog and cat on stairs

The family dog is protecting his humans from the outraged visiting cat who has taken up residence during full telework, explains NLM's Brenna Cox.

A dog sleeps

Sugar hard at work supporting the All of Us Research Pawgram, notes Renée Leiberman of the All of Us Research Program.

A dog sleeps

Sonny is exhausted after a day full of virtual meetings, notes Jody Nurik, NLM.

A dog sits on the other side of french doors

"Mom, let me in! I need to say something on your conference call," says NLM's Lisa Federer's dog

A cat sits on an office chair

“Mitzy keeps my chair safe and warm when I get up, then reluctantly shares when I return,” says Cindy Innes of NIEHS’s Clinical Research Branch. She has two other cats—Gatsby and Kobe.

Two dogs in dog beds

“I’m currently sharing an office with these two slackers. They keep trying to eat my food too!” writes NLM’s Diane Tuncer.

A man pets a dog, while another lounges on a chaise

Two weeks with these two crazies--Daisy and Addie--will keep you entertained, says Julie Nixon, emergency management program specialist at NIEHS.

A cat rolls on its back

NLM's Jacque-Lynne Schulman says her auxiliary feline telework assistant is so tired from working all day.

Milo sleeps on an office chair

“Milo, my home office buddy,” notes Stephanie Morrison of NLM.

A cat sits on Black's lap

Gigi is not amused that she must share my lap with the laptop, says Becca Black of NLM.

A cat sits on Tempchin's shoulder

“Garrus, the fuzziest supervisor I have ever had,” notes Samantha Tempchin, NLM.

A sits in the middle of a floor

“Sushi is my emotional support fur baby during this pandemic,” said Francine Hiltbrand, a program analyst at the Clinical Center. “I don’t know how she’ll react when things go back to normal and no one is home to play with her.”

A dog looks at a turtle

You might think staff at NCATS prefer a feline friend, but they are fans of all pets. Here’s Lupa and Ninja, an unusual pair entertaining NCATS’s deputy director Dr. Joni Rutter.

A pig walks through a sliding glass door opening

Says Geno the minipig on day whatever, “Mom, how’s it going working from home? I’ll take my snack outside today, since the sun is out. Cheerios and a fresh carrot would be great.” Geno belongs to Andrea Francesconi of NCI’s Radiation Oncology Branch.

The dog has one paw on dumbbells

Teddy stays fit with paw-robics. He belongs to Dr. Helen Meissner, director, Tobacco Regulatory Science Program, Office of Disease Prevention.

A cat sticks out his tongue

Capt. Steven J. Beefheart (USAF, ret.) reporting for telework duty, notes Jo-Ann Kriebel of NINR.

Two dogs look at laptops

Jennifer Kyte of NHLBI has been detailed back to the ICU to do bedside nursing care during the Covid-19 crisis. She was teleworking full-time before that. These are her German shepherd pups—brothers Major General John Buford (l) and Colonel John Singleton Mosby.

Two cats sit

Tina Shrader of NLM introduces Boris (top) ensuring scheduled petting breaks while Natasha (bottom) supurrvises from afar.

A dog sits next to a laptop screen

“What do you mean you’re working? I said I need a bath and a haircut. When, already?” asks Shih Tzu-poodle (Shih-Poo) Lucy Pearl, who is owned by NIEHS’s Dr. Ericka Reid.

A hedgehog hugs a play mouse

Rosie the Hedgehog loves to hug her play mouse, says Cory Upmeyer of the All of Us Research Program.

Three dogs sit in an office chair

Mona, Lisa and Isabella declare, “We need a larger home office chair!” says owner Laritza Rodriguez of NLM.

Two dogs lying down

Mommy needs to do her work, advises NLM’s Melanie Johnson.

Two dogs sleep


A dog looks up

Hank gives substitute groomer a dirty look before going to bed, according to Audrey Chamberlin, NLM.

A cat with her mouth open

“When your co-worker accidentally leaves his or her video on after the Zoom meeting.” Lilikoi shared this look with owner Yeliz Gedik of NCATS.

This page marks the end of our salute to pets who helped us survive pandemic-enforced telework. No one asked for this hiatus from the normal workplace, and most realize that the challenge came with a silver lining or two. 

It is likely that hardly anyone missed commuting (except for our bike-loving community and a few others). Also, NIH’ers with pets at home got the bonus of extra time with the animals they love.

Thanks to all who shared images of their pets. Now get back to work!

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