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5th NIGMS Early Career Investigator Lecture, Oct. 14

Dr. Johnson
Dr. Michael D. L. Johnson

Photo:  Mari Cleven

Dr. Michael D. L. Johnson, an assistant professor in the department of immunology at the University of Arizona, will give the NIGMS Director’s Early Career Investigator Lecture on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 1 p.m. via Zoom and NIH videocast. The lecture is open to everyone in the scientific community. 

During his talk, titled “Microbes, Metals, Music and Lessons in Disproving Your Hypothesis,” Johnson will describe his research on how bacteria maintain homeostasis within the metal milieu. He hopes that understanding how bacteria interact with metals during infections will identify novel therapeutic strategies against bacterial infection. 

After a 30-minute lecture, Johnson will answer questions from participants about his research and career path.  

This annual series highlights the achievements of NIGMS’s early career grantees. It is designed to introduce students to cutting-edge research and inspire them to pursue careers in the biomedical sciences. 

NIH trainees are encouraged to watch via Zoom and participate in the live Q&A. For more details, visit

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