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Nature Soothes

Bee on flower

Several images come to us courtesy of Dr. Deborah Henken, a program officer at NICHD who takes pictures on walks to and from work, and at lunchtime. Here, a precious pollinator in action, is captured by Henken on an afternoon walk home from work.

Photo: Deborah Henken

Yellow and black striped caterpillar clinging to a plant stalk

A Monarch butterfly caterpillar, eating its way through a milkweed plant, seen by Henken on her lunch walk

Photo: Deborah Henken

Heron hides among vegetation by the edge of water

See if you can pick out the heron Henken spotted on her morning walk to work in Gaithersburg.

Photo: Deborah Henken

Atop a hill overlooking the lake at Tygart Lake State Park

Dr. Lanyn Taliaferro of NIAID’s Radiation and Nuclear Countermeasures Program enjoyed this view over the summer while visiting Tygart Lake State Park in West Virginia.

Photo: Lanyn Taliaferro

Creek flowing through large rocks and vegetation

Photo taken while hiking in White Oak Canyon in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia

Photo: Lanyn Taliaferro

Enjoy here the latest contributions seen in nature from NIH’ers.

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