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A gelatinous blob with an axon tail and dendrites branching off, on a pink background

March 19, 2021

  • Intramural NIMH Looks at Pandemic’s Mental Health Impact

    The Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on daily life has negatively affected people’s mental health, said Dr. Joyce Y. Chung. “We know why things have changed,” said Chung, NIMH deputy clinical director. “But do we really know how these changes have affected us? It’s something that we really need to understand.”
  • Dr. Mark Crowther

    Crowther Underscores the Value of Mentorship

    Cultivating relationships with many mentors throughout your career is critical to success, says Dr. Mark Crowther, department of medicine chair at McMaster University. Of all his achievements, the renowned clinician-scientist is proudest of the careers he has helped shape.
  • Dr. James Collins

    Programmable Cells Poised to Benefit Biology, Disease Detection

    In the brave new world plausibly envisioned by MIT’s Dr. James Collins, wearable sensors may one day detect the arrival of whatever pandemic will almost certainly succeed Covid-19 as a global threat.
  • Website graphic of several people representing different genders, ethnicities, cultures, minorities

    NIH Targets Structural Racism in Biomedical Research

    Earlier this month, NIH launched a wide-ranging, comprehensive initiative to end structural racism in biomedical research. A five-committee group called “UNITE” will guide the long-term initiative.
A gelatinous blob with an axon tail and dendrites branching off, on a pink background

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