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A large round turquoise mass sits next to a network of strands, with multi-colored flowering buds.

March 4, 2022

  • Bassett Considers ‘Beautiful, Rational Process of Science’

    ​In a recent Wednesday Afternoon Lecture, Dr. Dani Bassett delivered a virtual love letter to science. “I absolutely love science,” Bassett began. “I love science for a whole bunch of reasons. I love the ends of science. I love the process of science and I love the people of science. I love the intoxicating feeling of discovery.”
  • Kogan Offers Practical Tips for Challenging Times

    After she suffered a debilitating burnout, businesswoman Nataly Kogan knew something had to change. In this DDM lecture, she shares lessons learned on her path toward a happier, more fulfilling life and offers practical tips to help others begin their own journey.
  • National Cancer Act Legacy Still Debated, 50 Years Later

    When President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act on Dec. 23, 1971, he declared war on cancer. A half-century later, debate over what constitutes victory continues, said Dr. Robin W. Scheffler during a recent NIH Biomedical History Lecture. “The declaration ignited a broad-ranging explosion of research dedicated to understanding, curing and preventing cancer,” he said.
  • Climate Change Spurs Big New Plan for Health Research

    Building on its decades of work to advance scientific knowledge about how climate change affects human health, NIEHS is leading a new federal collaboration to significantly scale up research and action in this critical area. Seven institutes and centers recently joined forces to establish the NIH Climate Change and Health (CCH) Initiative, which was discussed during a recent NIEHS webinar.
A large round turquoise mass sits next to a network of strands, with multi-colored flowering buds.

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Drug treatment prevents La Crosse virus (LACV) from exiting the Golgi apparatus of the cell and prevents virus spread to other cells. Shown are the nucleus (cyan), medial Golgi (yellow) and LACV (multi-colored).

Durbadal Ojha, Jacqueline M. Leung & Karin E. Peterson, NIAID Rocky Mountain Laboratories

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