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Magnified image of 2 yellow fruit flies, head to head, with front legs bent

April 15, 2022

  • The side of a building on campus is lit up red, green and blue at night.

    NCATS Aims to Transform Rare Disease Research

    “Getting an accurate diagnosis early, easily and expeditiously is a critical step in bringing the best possible care to people with rare diseases,” said NCATS acting director Dr. Joni Rutter during NIH’s annual observance of Rare Disease Day. Far too often, however, patients with a rare disease face a “diagnostic odyssey” that lasts, on average, 7 years, Rutter noted.
  • Portrait of Dr. Alexandre White, in museum in front of a painting

    Historian Draws Lessons from Past Pandemics

    Dr. Alexandre White of Johns Hopkins University takes us on a tour of the power politics of past pandemics. Beyond a biological threat to life, he argues, a pandemic is an economic and political phenomenon that exposes xenophobia and racial disparities.
  • Dr. Martin Blaser

    Scientists Reveal the Good, Bad and Ugly of H. Pylori

    Dr. Barry Marshall of the University of Western Australia and Dr. Martin Blaser of Rutgers University gave a joint presentation in the Demystifying Medicine series titled “The Split Personality of Helicobacter Pylori.”
  • Dr. McCurdy portrait

    McCurdy To Discuss Kratom, Apr. 25

    Dr. Christopher McCurdy, a medicinal chemist and behavioral pharmacologist at the University of Florida (UF), will give a virtual lecture, “Can a Controversial Tree Help End the Opioid Crisis?,” on Monday, Apr. 25 from 1 to 2 p.m. ET. The event is part of NCCIH’s Integrative Medicine Research Lecture Series.
Magnified image of 2 yellow fruit flies, head to head, with front legs bent

On the Cover

Two adult fruit flies (Drosophila)

Photo: MDI Biological Laboratory

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