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‘Keep Wildlife Wild’

Veterinary Volunteers Respond to Calls About Distressed/Injured Critters

More than a dozen deer walk or graze on the lawn near a stone wall, in front of the Clinical Center

Deer graze on the lawn in front of the Clinical Research Center


Spring and summer are times when many wild animals on campus are busy raising their young.

The Wildlife Veterinary Volunteers Group wants to remind everyone to “Keep the Wildlife Wild” on NIH campuses while making sure that truly injured or distressed wildlife are cared for.

If you see any animal—no matter what species—that appears to be injured, distressed or acting aggressive, call the NIH Police non-emergency number (301) 496-5685. The NIH operator will call the volunteer veterinarian on duty to address the problem. 

The group responds to calls about the Bethesda and Poolesville campuses.

The more information you can provide about the exact location of the animal, time found and activity of the animal, the better the team will be able to respond to the emergency.

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