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Virus's spikes being covered with ACE2 decoys. ACE2 receptors on surface are empty.

September 30, 2022

  • Man in pink T shirt and pink skullcap raises arms and yells

    NIAID’s Lin Leads Robotics Team as FIRST Coach

    NIAID's Dr. Dawei Lin, a coach and volunteer for the organization For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), talks about inspiring young people to pursue their interest in science through participation in an international robotics competition.
  • A selfie featuring Turner and the Ambudkar family

    NIH’ers Featured on Celebrity Renovation Show

    Two NIH scientists recently appeared on CBS’s Secret Celebrity Renovation. In the episode, which aired on Aug. 26, NCI’s Dr. Suresh Ambudkar and NIDCR’s Dr. Indu Ambudkar received a surprise deck and home office renovation from their son, actor Utkarsh Ambudkar.
  • Dr. Dipak Bhattacharyya

    CSR Division Director Hit the Ground Running

    CSR's Dr. Dipak Bhattacharyya has become addicted to running and the many health benefits it has conferred. An ultrarunner who continues to run daily, he ran a 328-mile race this past summer and is already signed up to do it again next year.
  • Dr. Bonnie Joubert and Kana stand together in front of their booth, in front of H3Africa backdrop.

    NIEHS Helps Sow Seeds for African Gene-Environment Research

    ​Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) recently met in Abuja, Nigeria, concluding a 10-year NIH Common Fund effort to spur a continent-wide genomic research collaboration.
Virus's spikes being covered with ACE2 decoys. ACE2 receptors on surface are empty.

On the Cover

A specially engineered protein decoy (orange) mimics the 3D structure of the ACE2 receptor and blocks viral spikes from attaching to our cells. Read more about this potential anti-COVID therapy in the NIH Director’s Blog:


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